Who are we?

Green Miles Sp. z o.o. is a company that operates on the Polish and foreign market since 2011. Initially, the entity acted as a sole proprietorship under the name Automatyka Stanisław Kamiński. In 2016, a company was established which took over all the previous achievements and know-how of the business original activity. It is a response to the growing demand for cooperation among various fields of science. Due to technological development and the demand for equipment conforming to the INDUSTRY 4.0 philosophy we have created a company that has competence in the field of automation, robotics, machine building, IT, electronics and electrical engineering. Our motto is WE CONNECT TECHNOLOGY, as the range of our abilities, combined through ERP, MES and SCADA systems, allows us to perform comprehensive implementation of various projects.

We are a partner offering the highest quality of service to our clients. In Our solutions we use the latest technology and several years of experience in engineering makes us confident in dealing with difficult issues.

Fields of operation

Green Miles sp. z o.o. operates within the following fields:

  • Automation and robotization of production processes
  • Internal transport and palletising systems
  • Production testing and vision systems
  • Construction of machinery and equipment
  • Intelligent control
  • Work on productivity, which leads to reduction in expenditures

Social mission

Green Miles social mission is to create life in harmony with nature, protect the environment. Technological advancement in the world that surrounds us without having destructive influence on nature.